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Zugriff auf dein Paket hier:

  • What can I expect in the videos?
    In the videos you can see hot close-ups with gay guys (of different ages) who are filmed having spontaneous gay sex outdoors. The sequence is usually blowing, jerking off, then fucking and cumming. There is also group sex and really hot scenes with several guys. And much more, let yourself be surprised. New ones are added every month and we are currently still shooting new videos of them.
  • How can I purchase a video package?
    Just click on the package. We have different packages. The Mini is free to test and gives you 10 videos per month, but these change not as often. Then the Midi (medium package) which has 20 videos that change more often. And the Maxi is our best and largest package, with which you have access to all videos without restrictions and the newest ones are always added. You can pay with all common credit cards or Postfinance or Twint. If you have any problems or questions, please contact our support team.
  • How can I cancel the package?
    It's very simple, you go to the package or under support you will find your profile menu at the top right. There you click on pay or subscription service and click on cancel. The subscription will then run until you cancel.
  • Can I participate in the videos?
    Yes, of course. Anyone can take part. But since we have far too many guys who only want to play the role of receiver, we have a give and take system. So first give, then take - fair, right? Simply apply on the form at the bottom of the homepage.
  • Is the whole thing discreet?
    Yes, very discreet and we attach a lot of importance to that. Your data will not be saved, passed on or processed further. We are not interested in your data. We simply want to offer you hot videos. You can also minimize the news from us by deactivating the messages in your profile under Support. We do not recommend it, as you will only receive the news 1-2 times a month and will get a summary of the hottest video news. And when you pay, there will be nothing about gay on the invoice, there will be an innocuous company name that I am not writing here, otherwise someone might find it in the search engine. We try to keep everything as safe, discreet and clear as possible.
  • Why do the videos cost money?
    Yes, unfortunately life is always sweet. We charge money and get rich with it and lie under palm trees in the Maldives while you rub yourselves off and we're swimming in money. No, seriously, it was fun! We don't get rich with it, we have another job. We mostly finance the server costs with it. The hosting company makes most of the money, and that all costs money. Often there's something left over and we go for a beer with the guys after the porn. So the prices are calculated very carefully. But there are also free gay porn videos on the Internet, so why should I pay for them? Most video platforms survive either by collecting data and then showing adverts, or by showing really annoying adverts in the very short videos. On top of that, they are very often the same videos over and over again, and often just trailers, so that you then pay for the full videos. And mostly the quality is pretty poor. And then there are the well-known modern erotic influencers who sell their channels. They usually charge a low price for very little media and sometimes pretty poor material. There are a few gems in everything, you just have to look, be lucky and like it. We don't want to badmouth anyone here, it's just a fact that if you know something then it will confirm it in your head. Oh and one more important thing: our boys and men are Swiss boys and men or those who live here, we also have hot Albanians, juicy Turks and hot Yugoslavs and others like Germans, hot sausages and so on. Let yourself be surprised. We would be delighted if you like the videos and stay loyal to us.
  • Is child protection guaranteed?
    Of course. That's very important to us. Boys under 18 can't access our material, you have to check the youth protection via email and you can only see the videos with a credit card. The videos also only show boys over 18 and hot teens over 18. Also only material that is permitted under Swiss law. Piss porn has also been permitted in Switzerland for a few years.
  • Safe sex in porn
    We fuck hard and almost always without a condom. There are guys who absolutely fuck with a condom, want to be in gay porn, but most of them leave the condom off and penetrate the tight hole with their bare glans. There are various contraceptives and the topic is still there, but different than it was a few years ago, so the guys are still safe.
  • What were the guys in the videos sniffing from these bottles?
    We are often asked what the guys are snorting in these brown bottles. It is called poppers and is also known as a gay sex drug. It does indeed give a flash and a stimulus and the feelings become stronger, passive people become willing bitches and become more relaxed and stallions become bulls, it is like that, but only for a very short time. Poppers is a medication for some and a drug for others, in Switzerland poppers are not covered by the narcotics law. It is hardly harmful either, in principle anything that is consumed in excess is harmful. So don't keep the bottle on your nose all the time. Poppers is almost always in our porn, it simply increases the horniness enormously and you can even notice that in the videos. BUT there are no drugs in our porn!
  • I also want to join but one face
    Of course you can. Get in touch with us. In almost all porn you don't see faces, and it's not the most important thing. Of course it's nice to see who's hot underneath, but on the other hand it's a matter of taste and if we had to attach more importance to something, would it be the cock/ass or the face? For most people it's the cock or the ass. That's why filming with a mask or without a face is OK.
  • Do the actors get paid? Can you make a living as a porn actor?
    Oh yeah, it would be nice in any case. No, we don't pay the guys anything. We get a lot of requests from really cute and hot guys who are happy to have their faces filmed in front of the camera. Some of them would even pay something for it or travel from Hamburg to Zurich for the shoot. It's the fun, the experience and something special. And we as the creators and face behind this project don't earn anything from it either. It is and remains a great hobby.
  • Who we are...
    We, a very small team of 3 gay sex lovers, are behind the site and we put a lot of heart and soul into it. We try to respond as quickly as possible and to fulfill your requests as best we can. Discretion and data protection are particularly important to us. For this reason, we don't pose here stark naked, with our cocks and faces. It's not about us either. But you see us more often in porn, we're well-endowed, constantly horny and have a fulfilling sex life. We film very often and who knows, maybe you'll join us and then you'll get to know us.
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